13th February 2020

Hi everyone,

The Step Up team was fortunate enough to be able to contact the employees at Clonmel Zipyard and organise a school visit with their own store manager Grainne.

Grainne agreed to bring upcycled outfits from their main office to show to Loreto students, she would also be giving a workshop on what students could do to upcycle their own clothes and creatively come up with ways to do so. Our Step Up team arranged for this workshop to be given to TY’s.

Grainne set up a rack of a wide variety of clothes, two of each piece of clothing, one showing the before of upcycling and the other the final product after Zipyard upcycled it. An example she showed was of a normal black debs dress and she then explained how they got a request to turn it into a jumpsuit, and they did so by cutting the bottom part into two and sewing up the middle to create a beautiful jumpsuit. As the TY's were getting so involved in the workshop and asking so many questions, Grainne told us all that if we had an article of clothing we wanted to upcycle but have no idea how, we could visit Zipyard to get an opinion at any time. She also kindly offered to allow the StepUp team to pop into Zipyard to show us the behind the scenes of their work.

Grainne encouraged the TY’s to come up with their own design for a dress she brought in, which the girls really enjoyed, she then reminded us that everyone adds their own personal touches that would make the dress unique and that was the beauty of upcycling.

We learned that there are so many ways someone can get creative and personalise their clothes, it's all about thinking outside the box. It was really interesting seeing all the different ways we can change our clothes. We are glad everybody participated and we would also like to thank Grainne for coming to our school and giving us this workshop. Before signing off, we would like to remind everyone that if you want an idea on how to upcycle your own clothes you should pop into Zipyard!

Bye for now,

Leah, Alana, Aisling and Natalie