7th December 2019

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to our blog, this week we visited the repair café, this group focuses on recycling everything before deeming it unusable.

A Repair Café is a meeting place where tools and expert volunteers are available to fix broken goods.

Their belief is that repairing comes after reusing and before upcycling. Their Repair Café works on prolonging the life of an object to save natural resources and on waste collection and the costly recycling process.

Recycling objects also acts as an area of employment in countries such as Sweden. In Sweden, the government even subsidies repair businesses!

The Repair Café was hosted in the Art Centre in Clonmel and encourages the local community to bring in anything they may want to reuse and recycle.

There were several people there ready to repair people's belongings, such as broken electrical objects, mechanical devices, computers, bicycles, jewellery, clothing and much, much more.

The Repair comes one a month and generates a large crowd of people. Theresea, the main organiser of the Repair Café hope to encourage Clonmel residents to try to reuse their clothes and items, before checking if its repairable!

We visited the Repair Café on the 7 December and were enthralled to see the beautiful set up. There was several work-stations spread out for different areas of repair.

Overall, it was a great day and want to encourage everyone to consider bringing their old and faulty goods into them!

Thanks for reading!

Aisling, Alana, Leah and Natalie