26th March 2020

Hey guys,

We decided to put together several things you can do over the next few weeks to combat boredom during the isolation!

Learn a new fashion skill!

There are many courses countrywide in knitting, crocheting, millinery, dressmaking, fabric printing, jewels making and much much more. YouTube is brimming with new ways to make things that would have otherwise been time consuming, are now relaxing!

Keep an eye on the Belfast School of Millinery, the famed Grafton Academy especially.

Make do and mend!

We become more eco savvy when we realise the rise of fast fashion is not sustainable. Why not take an old garment and upcycle it? Again YouTube provides, us with the platform to look for creative ideas, but if you already have an idea, go for it yourself!

Good designers are great upcyclers, try your best! Good designers to follow are Liadain Aiken and Jake McCabe alike.

If you’re not the crafty type, don’t worry, there are many resources in the vicinity such as Zipyard that will update existing pieces for you. Keeping your shoes in great condition might also seem difficult, The Cobbler in Clonmel, does the job for you. So instead of buying new shoes, why not mend your old ones while also being more environmentally friendly. We are aware that these businesses may be closed during this time but please keep them in mind before discarding any pieces hat you own!

Theo and George founder, Katie O'Riordan has spoken out about fast fashion saying "We believe that buying fewer items that are more durable, timeless and made in fair conditions will actually save you money. We believe in buying clothes that spark joy but also help you be the best you”

Follow the experts!

While every social media influencer has seemingly jumped on the sustainable and vintage fashion trend in the past six months, there are certain people that have been in the business so long they really know what they’re talking about. These influencers are truly committed to changing business from the inside out,

Caryn Franklin is a brilliant fashion activist and campaigner for fashion diversity. She also took part in The Clothes Show from years ago.

Safia Minnery is a sustainability advocate, author and social entrepreneur. She is the Founder of People Tree, which she led for 24 years as CEO.

Orsolo de Castro is the co-founder of Fashion Revolution, created in 2013. Some exciting things to think of when Quarintine is over,


Swapping fashion has become a sustainable way to combat fast fashion. Our sister group here in Loreto, Clothes the Books, is focused solely on combating fast fashion. They hold weekly swap shops, head over to their website to check them out.

Donate and buy at charity shops!

Not only does donating and buying reduce the carbon footprint of the item, It saves on waste charges,stops waste going to a landfill and also supports charities in this particularly difficult time.

Stay safe,

Alana, Leah, Aisling and Natalie

Main source: Irish Country Magazine January|February