1st November 2019

Hi Everybody!

When we began researching about upcycling in the local area, we heard that the South Tipperary Arts Centre held events to do with upcycling.

On Saturday, we visited the art centre to try and learn more about this project.

We met up with the manager and discussed the Art Centre's involvement in this.We found out that an outside group called the Repair Cafe organises a free event to repair or upcycle your damaged items while in a warm comfortable environment and is held on a Saturday once a month.

This is an initiative which aims to serve Clonmel and the surrounding community by inviting people to repair and renovate their clothing, electronics and household items.

They also involve with plant/seed swaps.

The next repair cafe will take place on Saturday 7th December at 11am at the South Tipperary Arts Centre.

Our group also got in contact with Joanne Condon, owner of Kyle Lane here in Clonmel,

Joanne has created a business surrounding upcycling furniture and is a great example of a creative and ambitious woman full of passion for her craft.

In the upcoming blogs, we will see more of Joanne as she has agreed to be involved in our project, and we are absolutely delighted to have her on board!

We visited Cluain Café also and met Mary McNamara, the restaurant supervisor. We questioned her as to whether they recycle their electrical goods, they do not have a set upcycling scheme in place. She did however give us a few pointers as to where we could go to get advice and information on upcycling.

  • Visiting Clonmel Waste Disposal Ltd and speaking to a supervisor
  • Visiting Clonmel Recycling Centre
  • Visiting other cafés and small local businesses to see if they upcycle and if not, then try to encourage them to do so.

All in all, Mary seemed interested in our project and we will definitely keep you posted!

Thanks for reading, Stay tuned for further updates!

The Team,

Alana, Aisling, Natalie and Leah.