We are StepUp, a group in Loreto Secondary School Clonmel.

We have noticed that there is a lack of awareness about upcycling in our area. Our aim is to promote sustainable upcycling and inform our local community on how they can get involved. We have joined the Digital Champions Programme to achieve this through a digital medium.

Our team will be posting regular tips on upcycling, step-by-step ideas to do yourself and speaking with people who make second-hand items into creative and beautiful works of art. We will also be talking about recycling as well, since it is so closely linked to upcycling but our main focus is upcycling!

We hope to reach parents, friends and school colleagues. We also want to show you some of our great upcyclers in the Tipperary area. We want to make a difference in our community, and we hope we have your support. By reading our posts alone, you are educating yourself on more sustainable ways to live your life and ensure we have a livable planet.

Our slogan is our mission statement, “For me, for you, It's the right thing to do". We, as a group, hope to bring about action and awareness of upcycling and hopefully entice you to become involved in this project!